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About Us

Incorporated in 1986, we develop, conduct, and report accurate, timely and confidential compensation and benefit information to survey participants. We conduct our own surveys in the healthcare industry. We breakout data by number of beds (hospital and metro area surveys). The survey results explain developments and trends occurring within the marketplace and are presented in a user-friendly manner. Our purpose is to provide the information needed to maintain a competitive, fiscally responsible compensation and benefit program.


The information provided is confidential and only seen by Nicholas, Regan & Ross staff members responsible for tabulation and analysis. The results will not identify or allow matching of specific salary information to any employer.

Why We Are Successful
  1. Accuracy, making sure we are comparing apples to apples. We email and/or call a participant to resolve any questions.
  2. Timeliness of survey results that are published three weeks after completed surveys are due.
  3. The fact that we include adjacent state and national data for each position in our state and metro area hospital survey results.

About Our Surveys