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Why Choose Us

Each week since 1986 we have published results of two state salary and benefit surveys that we have conducted. One survey is for Banks and Credit Unions, and the second is for Hospitals. We also conduct Hospital Metro Area Surveys in major metropolitan areas.

We work hard to provide:


User-friendly Results
Survey results report accurate, timely and confidential compensation and benefit survey information. Results explain developments and trends occurring within the marketplace and are presented in a user-friendly manner. Our purpose is to provide the information needed to maintain a competitive, fiscally responsible compensation and benefit program.

We make sure that our results compare apples to apples. Each completed survey is reviewed by an experienced analyst. We do not just match title to title, we look at actual responsibilities performed. If an answer does not appear reasonable, we email and/or call a participant to resolve the question. If we do not receive a satisfactory answer we do not include the answer in survey results. Instead we include the notation not did answer and list the number.

Results that are published three weeks after completed surveys are due.

Presentation of Salary Information
We breakout state data by number of beds (for hospitals and metro area hospitals). In addition, we report state data by geographic areas within the state and by major cities. We provide a state average and in most instances, a state average without the highest paying city which skews the state average. View a sample hospital or hospital metro area salary report.

Adjacent State and National Data for Each Position
We include adjacent state and national data for each position in our state hospital and bank/credit union survey results. We do this because participants compete for talent on the local recruitment area for the majority of their positions, on a state wide or regional level for a smaller number of positions and on the national level for a few positions.

Included with each survey result is a survey appraisal. We change our surveys based upon participant feedback of what positions to include or exclude or what new questions to ask.

The information provided by participants is confidential and only seen by Nicholas, Regan & Ross staff members responsible for tabulation and analysis. Results do not identify or allow matching of specific salary information to any employer.

Information Security
We take appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, or disclosure of data. These include internal reviews of our data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures, as well as physical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to systems where we store data.

We Do Not Sell to Third Parties
We do not sell results to third parties (individuals, consultants, unions, etc). The information a participant provided us is confidential and we value that trust and it is not shared with anyone.